Airsonic Applications

Airsonic and Subsonic provide the same API. This means that all Subsonic Applications should be compatible with Airsonic.

You can find a detailed list of applications available for Subsonic on the Subsonic App page.

Applications for Your Phone

Name Available Free Notes
Subsonic Google Play The official Subsonic app made by Sindre Mehus.
DSub F-Droid Repository A Subsonic client fork. Made by Scott Jackson.
DSub Google Play Not free but very good. Made by Scott Jackson.
Audinaut F-Droid Repository Made by Andrew Rabert.
UltraSonic F-Droid Repository Fork of Subsonic app.
XenoAmp Google Play Supports many different services (Soundcloud, Subsonic, SMB…)
Substreamer Google Play, App Store -
Subsonic Music Streamer Windows Store Made by Anton Van Zuylen.
SonicStreamer Windows Store  
BetaBeats Windows Store -
SubSonar BlackBerry World -
SonicAir BlackBerry World -
iSub AppStore Made by Ben Baron.
AVSub AppStore Made by Richard Levy.
Soundwaves AppStore Made by Simone Tellini.
play:Sub AppStore Made by Michael Hansen.
Ultrasonic Google Play Open source client for Subsonic API compatible servers
Ultrasonic F-Droid Repository Open source client for Subsonic API compatible servers
airsonic Player Google Play client for Subsonic API compatible servers

Other Applications

Name Platform Free Notes
Clementine Windows, Mac OS, Linux A multiplatform music player. Provides support for many different services beside Airsonic (Souncloud, Spotify…)
Submariner Mac OS A native mac music application.
Subsonic Plugin for MusicBee Windows Provides support for many different services (SoundCloud, web radio…)
Jamstash Web, Google Chrome (Web Store) A HTML 5 music player.
Perisonic Google Chrome Plays your music in random order.
PolySonic Google Chrome Simple subsonic player based on Polymer.
SqueezeSonic for Logitech Media Server (SqueezeBoxServer) Windows, Mac, Linux, NASs, ARM, … Subsonic API > 1.11.0. Included in LMS install as a third party plugin
Volusonic for Volumio volumio Subsonic API > 1.13.0. Available in volumio install