Migrating from Subsonic to Airsonic

This guide helps you to migrate your data from Subsonic to Airsonic. It has been tested with Subsonic 5 to Airsonic 6.

Install Airsonic

Install Airsonic as described in one of the following install guides:

Migrate to Airsonic

After installation of Airsonic, the database needs to be migrated. In preperation for that, stop the Airsonic service.

If you ran Subsonic before, your data will be (by default) stored in /var/subsonic. Assuming you did not use Airsonic before, we will delete all data from Airsonic:

WARNING: Deletes all Airsonic data

sudo rm -R /var/airsonic

We then copy Subsonic data to Airsonic location. Be aware that a couple of files need to be renamed:

sudo cp -a /var/subsonic /var/airsonic
sudo mv /var/airsonic/subsonic_sh.log /var/airsonic/airsonic_sh.log
sudo mv /var/airsonic/subsonic.log /var/airsonic/airsonic.log
sudo mv /var/airsonic/ /var/airsonic/
sudo mv /var/airsonic/db/subsonic.backup /var/airsonic/db/airsonic.backup
sudo mv /var/airsonic/db/ /var/airsonic/db/
sudo mv /var/airsonic/db/subsonic.lck /var/airsonic/db/airsonic.lck
sudo mv /var/airsonic/db/subsonic.log /var/airsonic/db/airsonic.log
sudo mv /var/airsonic/db/ /var/airsonic/db/
sudo mv /var/airsonic/db/subsonic.script /var/airsonic/db/airsonic.script

Change the /var/airsonic owner to use that will run airsonic (e.g. tomcat8 or airsonic):

sudo chown -R user:user /var/airsonic

Then start Airsonic service again.

Your old settings will still be there. If you wish, you can delete subsonic data:

sudo rm -R /var/subsonic