Manage Airsonic logs

This guide explains how to manage Airsonic logs.

Main log file

Airsonic ouput log messages into a file called airsonic.log located in the AIRSONIC_HOME folder.

Change log level using Tomcat

One can change the defaults log level by modifying the default application inner configuration.

This application configuration is located in a file called packaged into the Airsonic.war file. Fortunately, there are ways to override the default configuration without having to modify the inner file.

Those interested in details can have a look at this document.

Change log level running standalone

Running Airsonic as a standalone application means that you don’t deploy Airsonic to a servlet container but run it via a command that looks like this for short :

NOTE: See stand-alone installation doc for more details

java -jar airsonic.war

In that case you can add your own file in a config subdirectory to override the default application configuration.

Suppose that you’d like to change the default log level to DEBUG. Follow these steps:

  • create a config folder beside the airsonic.war file
  • create a config/ empty file
  • add the following line into this file
  • restart Airsonic

The config/ file can contain any logging configuration directive. You can fine tune the log level on any java package by adding a line like:


where package must be replaced with a real java package name, and LEVEL must be replaced with a real level code.

Allowed levels are:

  • WARN
  • INFO

Interesting packages to watch for are:

# Set Airsonic-specific loggers to 'DEBUG'

# Set all loggers to 'DEBUG' (warning: generates a lot of logs)

# Set up SQL logging (warning: may leak passwords/keys/personal data)